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Project Description

The work involved producing various pieces of Promotional material for social media for a website specializing in hospitality staffing.

Project Details

Client: A-LIST

Platform: Social Media

My Role: I was responsible for all design and production

Screencasts and GIFs

For certain places, we produced some screencasts to show how to use the website and also some GIFs promoting A-LIST to potential customers.

Improve Your Profile

A-LIST wanted to help prospects improve their job prospects; an information item was produced to encourage them to input a complete profile.

Venue Material

We knew that potential venues were concerned about the cost of hiring and quality of applicants, so we produced a comparison table to promote the superior features of A-LIST. We also produced several other items listing the benefits for venues if they were to choose A-LIST for their hiring.

Facebook and Twitter

A number of promotional items were produced for facebook and twitter. Designed with a humorous approach to encourage engagement

The Result

A range of useful promotional material was produced for A-LIST that could be used on a number of different social media platforms.

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