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Landing Page Review

SmithEvans 10/10/2018

There are number of things that this landing page does well.

1/The chosen main image works well, it’s relevant and obviously not a stock photo.
2/Nice use of red for the CTA,
3/Good use of authority signs,
4/The story is short and highlight the mission of the company.
5/Great use of testimonials.
6/Nice value proposition with a clear CTA.

Below the image of the landing page are my thoughts on where the landing page can be improved to see an increase conversions.


1/Only one CTA Is prefferrable, the more options you offer, the more likely they won’t choose one.

2/The form is too long, omit any non-essential fields, or try using conditional logic to minimize the number of initial fields.

3/Instead of the message box, you should limit their choices to a drop down box. This will make it easier to “bucket” audiences into groups.

4/I would use any other word than “submit” for your form button. Something like “I’m ready to talk” or “book my FREE consultation” instead

5/Yellow text on white background / grey on white background is little hard to read, I’d go a shade darker for both colors

6/The footer, if you are going to run any form of paid advertising I’d recommend links to a terms of service and privacy policy for the data they are about to submit

7/ I wouldn’t give them the email at the bottom, a landing page is all about directing the visitor to do one thing. Too many choices and the won’t do any of them.

8/When the form is filled out and the form is submitted there’s a popup, this is going to be difficult to track the people for remarking purposes who visited but didn’t submit the form. I’d redirect after submission to a thank-you page. You can then track conversions.

9/After the submission of the form, your message after is a great opportunity for another chance for further engagement. Something like “Read our blog post about how to pick a great designer for packaging” or download our guide for X or see the latest brand success stories on our facebook page.